Cozmo - Virtue and Vice


Hey everyone! My name is Cozmo. I have been a professional body piercer since April 2008. While I do travel a great deal, most of my career was spent working in Douglasville GA. Working in a small town really taught me how important it is to treat everyone great. I enjoy the wide variety of people piercing introduces me to and I always strive to make them feel comfortable, welcomed, and like part of the family. I believe any temporary discomfort a piercing may cause seems a lot less bothersome if you are having a good time and enjoying your surroundings. I have been an artist most of my life and studied color theory extensively which I feel really helps me in my work. I am incredibly passionate about body jewelry and am always willing to discuss it with my clients and work up beautiful and original jewelry combinations for new or existing piercings. Stop by the studio anytime and we can chat about your current or future piercing plans, discuss some fun jewelry options for them, and you can leave feeling like you have a friend in the piercing industry.

Have a great day!